About Mad River Manes

Mad River Manes is a small rabbitry specializing in quality double maned Lionhead rabbits. Our breeding stock has been acquired from some of the best breeders in California. We are dedicated to improving the quality of this recently ARBA recognized breed. We are proud members of ARBA and NALRCA.

We strive to raise happy, healthy bunnies that are as close to the Standard of Perfection as possible.  Breeding for sweet dispositions is extremely important at Mad River Manes. Our breeders all have great temperaments because so many of our buns are sold to forever pet homes. We sell pet, brood and show quality rabbits.  

Lionheads are delightful 2-3 lb rabbits with gorgeous manes and flank wool. They are active, curious, friendly and completely entertaining to watch. Our rabbits get time out of their cages to bounce around and play. Excercise keeps them healthy and happy. We feed pellets, quality hay, herbs and greens daily. 

We offer the following varieties: Siamese Sables, Black Tort, Ruby Eyed Whites, Seal, Sable Point, Smoke Pearl and Blues depending on current breedings.